Close both eyes to see with the other eye.~~Rumi~~

Close both eyes to see with the other eye.

Imagine someone being your reason to live
But imagine for a moment
You being someone’s reason to live!
Random Xpressions
Yes! There must be some sin of mine which is still not forgiven
For which I’m undergoing through tests & trials of life….
Random Xpressions

It was randomly that this blog was created
And some day randomly this blog will reach its end.

This morning I had this thought enter my head
That it is high time for me to keep down my pen.

For in the midst of all these words expressed
I’m forgetting the words that are being written within.

In the midst of all this noise and sound
I’m losing that soothing silence within.

What a calm is there to be a listener
To the divine voice within.

Why then take the trouble
To convey it all to the world.

To be more confined and secluded
To my own sphere of comfort

To be more rooted and grounded
In my own inner world.

Apart from that
I have no other desire left.

Random Xpressions
Your lips alone could do to meWhat a thousand fairies of the heavens together will fail…..~~Random Xpressions~~

Your lips alone could do to me
What a thousand fairies of the heavens together will fail…..

~~Random Xpressions~~

Terrible is my pain
Will you not listen

Prolonged is my grief
Will you note wipe away my tears

Silent is my soul
Will your heart not speak to me

Why have you ceased this conversation
Why have you turned your beautiful face away from me

Do I have any other source of light
Except the glow that I find being emitted from your eyes

Do I have any other soothing sound to hear
Except when I hear you whisper sweetly my name

Let us get done with this killing distance
Between you and me

Let us remove every barrier
That has kept you away from me

Lovers are they alone who in spite of being separated
Dwell in one another.

Random Xpressions
How do you expect to be loved
By those on earth
When you are despised
By the One in the heaven!
Random Xpressions
Some souls are beautiful inside-outLight upon light.~~Random Xpressions~~

Some souls are beautiful inside-out
Light upon light.

~~Random Xpressions~~

Why read these words written on plain papers
Take my heart instead
You will find a treasure of love
Hidden deep within there

My endless longing for you
My painful tears for you
My night long yearning for you
My intense craving for you

How can this tongue ever convey
How badly my soul is in need of you
Just look into my eyes for a while
You will find how intense is this fire

Surrendering myself
To every call of your body
I have chosen to become enslaved
To your inner most secret desires.

Random Xpressions
I do not wish to live for a thousand years,
All that I really need is to live fully in this one single breath!
Random Xpressions
No doubtNothing to beat it…

No doubt
Nothing to beat it…

Silence, Let the one behind your eyes talk.~~Rumi~~

Let the one behind your eyes talk.


How people fake smile!
It simply amazes me!!
Yet what amazes me even more is how people fake love!!!
Random Xpressions
Sweet hypocritical words could hardly be kept hidden for long.
Its bitterness will soon come to limelight.
How can one expect to dilute poison
By sprinkling a few pinches of sugar on top of it!!
Random Xpressions
When will I ever learn
To love without expectations!
Random Xpressions