And when she looks straight into my eyes
It is I, who feels more embarrassed and shy!
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Lovers don’t tell All of their secrets.They might count each other’s molesThat reside in the shy regions,Then keep that tally strictlyTo themselves.~~Hafiz~~

Lovers don’t tell
All of their secrets.

They might count each other’s moles
That reside in the shy regions,

Then keep that tally strictly
To themselves.


Is that how you are going to try and stop me from kissing you?Wasted efforts, my girlYou are only being pulled further to me..

Is that how you are going to try and stop me from kissing you?
Wasted efforts, my girl
You are only being pulled further to me..


But I love your feet Only because they walked upon the earth And upon the wind And upon the waters, Until they found me.~~Pablo Neruda~~

As requested,This is one is for YOU, dear one, my one & only!!


But I love your feet
Only because they walked upon the earth
And upon the wind
And upon the waters,
Until they found me.

~~Pablo Neruda~~

As requested,
This is one is for YOU, dear one, my one & only!!

I feel dead within
Unless I get a glimpse of your face.
Random Xpressions
And then there were those shared moments of deep silence
That appeared to be more beautiful
Than the finest of words ever spoken between us.
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:D :D :D

:D :D :D

How does one explain the beauty of a rainbow to the blind!!
So give not an ear!
Keep going
Where your heart leads you to….
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Moments when I really made you smile
I will count them as my best of deeds.
Moments when I hurt you and made you cry
I will count them as my worst of deeds.
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Your tears are precious
And anything that is precious

Cannot be revealed
To the world

It has to be hidden
And kept within the secret vaults

Of your heart
They key of which should be given

To none but the one
Who is willing to give his very life

To wipe your tears away
And to make you smile.

So sacred and powerful are these tears
That could melt the hardest of rocks

But human suffering has become
So common and so widespread

That souls hardly feel a thing.
So keep your tears to yourself

And show not your weakness
To this blind world

The one who truly knows
How precious your tears are

Will never let it roll down
From your eyes!

Find such a one
Who considers you more precious

Than any treasure beneath the heaven
Or above the earth

Such a one will, by God,
Never allow a single tear

To fall down
From your eyes!

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Sit next to me.

When you hold my hands for a while
You will learn what pure joy really is.

And then silence will be made so beautiful
That you will no more resort to words.

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Show me those parts of you
That will put me on fire!
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I’m getting wilder
Please don’t try to tame me now

Your efforts will be wasted
There is no point in making me straight

I’m hooked to you
By the pull of your eyes

I’ve lost my senses
When I saw your curves

And when you bit your lip
I could no longer resist

Now blame me not
If I pounce upon you

Now render no claim to safety
For you are in a state of danger

Apologies in advance
If you are ripped off to the most sensual of pleasures

You called for a ride
And I turned you round & round

Till you lost
All your senses!

Random Xpressions

You don’t have to tear open someone’s heart to see
Whether that soul loves you or not

It is crystal clear
From the very tone of his speech.

It is quite evident
From that very expression on his face

And one look into someone’s eyes will reveal to you
All that has been kept hidden & buried within the chest

For just as has been said by Rumi
‘The glance of love is crystal clear’

It is easy to make out a person
Who has truly fallen in love

The effects of which will be seen in him
From head to toe

A kind of frenzy and craze
A kind of insanity and madness will be running through out him

Life will be vibrating in the one who is deeply in love
And you could almost feel the vibes and the energy

Echoing and pulsating all around him
When you enter such a lover’s presence.

But all of that magic will be missing
When you are with someone whose heart is dead

With no excitement or rush
Nor any adrenaline pumping

If you happen to end up in such a lukewarm relationship
Then you better forsake it and run for your life

For love is too noble
To be so dry and boring.

If love doesn’t transform you into a being
Pulsating with life, then you are not in love at all.

Random Xpressions

You may ask me what makes the rose
A flower so dear to every lover on earth?

It has grown out of a thorn
And its reddish colour is nothing

But a proof of how it has been bleeding
And came out all the way through its own pain of birth.

Love is no fool’s game
Nor can cowards ever go through its trials and tests

It takes a brave heart
To cross its dense fields filled with perils and pain.

Love is no parrot talk
Wherein you could repeat a thousand love songs

Nor is it a fancy thought
Through which you utter romantic couplets or odes

It is to cut through the thick veils of your own super-ego
And to blend in its totality with the one you love.

Unless you have passed through the tests
And gone through the pain

How can you expect
To bloom forth like a rose!

So remember
A rose is born out of a thorn

And remember
A lover is born out of the pain of love’s labour.

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