Such was how his companions described him.He never got angry for any of his personal mattersBut when Divine Laws are infringed uponThen no one was more furious than him!!~~Random Xpressions~~

Such was how his companions described him.
He never got angry for any of his personal matters
But when Divine Laws are infringed upon
Then no one was more furious than him!!

~~Random Xpressions~~

Don’t try to please me.
Please Allaah instead.
If He is Pleased, then I’m pleased.
If He is Angry, then I’m angry.
Random Xpressions

You thirst for ocean in the midst of a desert
May I be both your desert and your ocean

You long to touch the rose petals amidst the thorns
May I be both your thorn and your rose

You long to see light amidst all this darkness
May I be both your darkness and your light

For it is not just the end of your road that I wish to be
I wish to be the very road itself.

Random Xpressions

I have started to prefer silence over speech
That is where my heart is now leaning

It is not that my soul feels indifferent to you
But in distance I find peace and solace

This love shall be forever green and alive
In the deepest corners of my heart

This I say for sure
That I wish to be with you in the heaven

Life in this world is a place of test and trial
Our stay here is so short and limited

Beyond the constraints of time and space
There is an abode filled with ever lasting beauty and peace

That is the dwelling
Where lovers are joined forever

But how hard it is for me
To cease these flow of words

But how hard it is for me
To contain myself in silence

Though I try to restrain my expressions
All my efforts simply go in vain

For how could not the peacock dance
When it has rained all around

For how could not the flowers bloom
When it has been touched by the rays of sun light

For how could the nightingale stop its song
When it has been touched by love

And so is my case no different
My soul could never stop its conversation with you.

My illness is my incessant speech to you
Yet in my words to you I find all the healing to cure my soul.

Random Xpressions
My lips now tremble
And I feel the rush of blood there
Forgive me
I have fallen for you.
Random Xpressions
I don’t know when I went asleep last night
But the last thing I remember I did was
My eyes closing down
As my lips were kissing the back of your neck
And I wake up
While my lips are still somewhere there
Unable to take them off
From the softness of your naked skin.
What a blessed way to fall asleep
And what a blessed way to wake up.
Random Xpressions

Every soul is a treasure house of secrets
With matters buried deep within

That has never been revealed to the world
Nor shared with any in the earth

Until when the destined mate
Finally crosses the path of life

Now the direction of journey itself turns
Heading towards a totally new destination

For home is not some distant place
But where the soul mate resides

That is the place where you now tread to
Slowly and discreetly entering

The secret most chambers
Of their heart.

This is what soul mates do
They do not travel together to reach somewhere

They rather travel
Into each other.

Journey of love is nowhere
But to reach that place

Of the beloved’s heart
Where no one else has ever reached before.

Random Xpressions
Now come,
Let us kiss till dawn!
Random Xpressions
May I be seduced by your wild fire
May I be tempted to your sweet lips
May I be trapped in your enchanting eyes.
Random Xpressions
If I say ‘I love you’ it will make no sense
My life will rather prove it to you.
Random Xpressions

Love itself is the teacher
That will teach you how to blend

Into the beloved
And become one with her.

Purify your heart from every thing
For that place is reserved

To be occupied by none
But the beloved alone.

May her beauty
Fill up your soul.

May her glimpse
Be the thirst of your eyes.

May her voice
Be the only desire of your body.

May her kiss
Be what your lips were created for.

May passion be the bed
Upon which you lay down yourself with her

May love be the only language
That your heart speak to one another.

Devils are many
That intend to cut you off from her.

Godly and divine is love
Only a rare few are blessed with it.

Count yourself amongst the exquisite ones
If your heart has been kept aside for love.

Random Xpressions
What an honour to be His slave
And what an even greater honour
To have a Mighty King like Him as my Lord
If there is any Master before whom I shall bow
Then it is only at His Blessed Feet
Upon which I shall prostrate my head.
Fie be upon the rulers of this age
Who cannot bring about justice on His Earth
And a greater fie be upon the ruled ones like me
Who remain silent witnesses to this injustice everywhere.
If David with just a stone and faith in God
Can defeat a powerful enemy like Goliath
Then are there not mothers in any of our lands
Who can give birth to a single one like David in this age!
Random Xpressions
Check for yourself if you are a worshipper of wealth or not:
If an increase in wealth makes you delightful
And a decrease in it makes you feel disturbed
Then it is high time you wake up!
You are just another pathetic money worshipper
And taking God’s Name by your tongue
Doesn’t make you amongst His devoted slaves.
Random Xpressions
I’m tired of words.
Come merge into my silence.
Random Xpressions
Can oceans separate us?
Are they deep enough to divide us?
Random Xpressions