A woman hardly knows what to talk and when to talk and how to talk.
Now that will result in disasters greater than Tsunamis.
Well don’t worry and you need not take it as a serious problem.
It can be handled easily.
Just keep kissing your woman
No better way to keep her mouth shut
And save yourself from all the non-sense.
Just keep kissing her often
Not giving her enough chance to speak much.
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Apart from love
What other language
Do we know?
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My cousin’s two lovely angels…twins but non-identical….whatever, they are so lovable :)Zobiya n Zahwa

My cousin’s two lovely angels…twins but non-identical….
whatever, they are so lovable :)

Zobiya n Zahwa

My girlfriends forever - Zohri & Azwa - my lovely nieces Masha Allaah

My words become meaningless
Unless they are written for you

Rain water falling upon rocks
Bring no good nor any benefit

But a soil that can absorb well
Brings forth fruit of every kind

Such is your soul
That I find so receptive

Like a child that feeds
Upon the breast of its mother

I see how you thirst for every word
That comes forth from my lips

As though your very life is connected
To every word that I now utter

So I shall speak
And I shall never cease

Every word, every letter
I write now until my last breath

Devoting it all
In your lovely name

For the sake of this attraction
That I feel for you in my heart

Take my promise
And I make the Mighty Lord my Witness

My love for you shall ever flow
Knowing no end

From heart to heart
From soul to soul

From eternity
To eternity.

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Show me an inch in your body
Where I didn’t kiss you!
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I love to chew
And she loves to be chewed!
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You don’t need any intention to seduce me
I’m seduced just by your presence
Now your absence too makes no difference
For I’m completely hooked to you!
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Listen to what your heart says
And seek not my consent
Do not fear! For what you hear
Is nothing but my own wish.
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For every tear that now falls
I believe a thousand kisses are soon
To be showered upon you.
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It is not the destination that matters
But every step of this journey is what truly counts.
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I wish I could kiss my own cheeks
Because that is where her lips fell
When she kissed me last night.
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I know that every eye has closed in sleep
Yet here am I lying awake
Lost in my thoughts of you.

I know that every lover has joined in love
Yet here am I totally alone
In my separation from you

I know that prayers are answered
Yet I wonder
Why am I being kept away from you

Whatever I do
I have you
In my mind all the time

Wherever I am
My heart is not filled with any
Apart from you

I have come this far
In love
Make not a fool out of me in the end

All I am afraid is for you to tell me
‘I have found someone else
Better than you’

If that is what happens
Then all I will do is to pray
Be happy: with me or without me.

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running nose
and sneezy too…..

can I have some ice-cream please!!!!!!!!

crossed even beyond insanity :D